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Goodby Silverstein & Partners

from San Francisco, CA

Snap to Steal

for Frito-Lay, North America

Margaret Johnson, Chief Creative Officer
Eamonn Dixon, Creative Director
Stefan Copiz, Creative Director
Lennie Galloway, Copywriter
Thomas Gledhill, Art Director
Dan Watson, Senior Producer
Alex Healy, Senior Producer
Chris Nilsen, Account Director

Lindsay Foregger, Account Manager
Maria Ragusa, Account Manager
Tysjah Pitchford, Assistant Account Manager
Gabriella Dishtosky, Brand Strategy Director
Shaza Elsheshtawy, Senior Strategist
Caitlin Neelon, Comm Strategy Director
Drew Forrest, Senior Comm Strategist

video courtesy of Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Frito-Lay, North America